Lawn Pest Control Services in Neosho & Joplin

Reclaim your lawn and enjoy the outdoors with your family again by eliminating and preventing insects and bug.

Lawn Pests aren’t only annoying, they damage our landscape and spread diseases.

If your lawn seems like it’s dying or developing some kind of disease in certain areas, it could very well be due to an infestation of a lawn pest. The larvae of Japanese beetles, known as grubs, feed on the roots of your lawn, which can cause your lawn to thin out. Additionally, insects like chinch bugs feed on the blades of grass which can give your lawn a browning and dying look in certain spots.

Let us take care of these lawn damaging pests and prevent them as well as the annoying bugs like mosquitos and spiders.


Armyworms get their name due to invading lawns in large quantities. Their eggs are deposited by gray moths. As they mature, they consume about every type of plant in their path.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are the vampires of lawns. They feed on grass blades during the summer months buy stabbing them with beaks and sucking out all the moisture, similar to mosquitoes. This will leave brown and yellow patches in your lawn.


Mosquitoes are most active during the warmer months but they hate the sun. Without moisture, mosquitoes will die and the sun tends to dry that out. The key to controlling mosquito populations is to prevent them from breeding by eliminating their breeding grounds and keeping them from coming back.


Spiders are common in lawns that have plenty of vegetation or overgrown grassy areas. Most lawn spiders are harmelss, but we do get brown recluse spiders in Southern Missouri. We can help you get rid of lawn spiders with our insect treament services.

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