Lawn Care Services in Neosho & Joplin

Proudly serving the Neosho & Joplin area with professional lawn care since 2014.

Our Lawn Care Services

We’ll take care of your lawn from top to bottom, literally. From the tips of the grass blades to deep within the roots.

Lawn Fertilization

Our comprehensive lawn fertilization plans includes 6 applications the feed your lawn, prevent weeds, and eliminate lawn damaging insects and grubs.

Lawn Aeration

Fertilization can’t work if your soil is compacted. With core aeration, we loosen your soil, allowing roots to develop and absorb more nutrients, creating a stronger foundation for your grass.

Commerical Mowing & Maintenance

Need a professional maintenance company to handle your property? Have us take care of your healthy lawn all season long.

Lawn Fertilization Plan

Curious about our fertilization plan? Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect for the season.


Early Spring Pre-Emergent

We’ll apply a pre-emergent in early spring to give your lawn the extra boost it needs coming out of winter.


Spring Fertilization

In the middle of spring, we’ll apply a normal fertilizer to give the lawn the nutrients it needs during the growing season.


Spring Broadleaf Weed Control

Spring is the time where broadleaf weeds start showing their face. We apply deterents to keep broadleaf weeds away.


Summer Insecticide

With summer in full-swing, lawn insects and pests will be too. We’ll apply the right insecticides to prevent common pests and eliminate current ones to protect your grass.


Fall Fertilization

After your lawn has struggled through the summer heat, we’ll apply an early fall fertilization to replenish vitality.


Fall Broadleaf Control

To prevent broadleaf weeds from going dormant in the winter, we’ll do one more fall weed control application.

Check Out Our Other Lawn & Landscape Services

Getting your lawn thick, green, and healthy is only the foundation. Take advantage of other lawn and landscape services we offer to reclaim and enjoy your outdoors this season!

Lawn Pest Control

Eliminate pests like mosquitoes, armyworms, and spiders.



Renew your landscape with a landscape renovation or overhaul.


Landscape Maintenance

Have us keep up on your routine landscape maintenance.


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