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Professional landscaping and lawn care services from Neosho to Joplin

Making Yards Green

We cultivate beautiful, green lawns that are thick and healthy all year long.

Pest-Free Lawns

Reclaim and enjoy your lawn with our pest control services protecting you from mostquitos and more.

Renew Your Landscape

We’ll renovate your lawn and make it new with our professional landscaping services.

Well-Groomed Lawn

Have us keep your landscape maintained all season long with professional maintenance.

The Professionals in Neosho & Joplin

Matthews Lawn LLC are the Neosho and Joplin area lawn care and landscaping professionals. Our goal is to create and maintain beautiful lawns and landscapes from complete lawn care programs to landscape renovations.

Lawn Care

Lawn Pest Control


Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance

Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair


As a licensed and insured lawn and landscape company, professionalism and peace of mind for our clients is a top priority. We want you to know you’re taken care of.


Our landscapes, maintenance, and lawns aren’t just to get you by. They’re beautiful to look at. We’re not here for you to be satisfied. We’re here for you to be ecstatic.


We don’t sacrifice quality over quantity of the customers we have. We’d rather have less clients if it means 100% of the lawns we service are beautiful and exceed expectations.



You won’t have to wonder if we’re going to show up to your scheduled lawn care application or your routine maintenance. We’ll be there when we say we will. If the weather is bad, we’ll let you know.

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Landscaped Bed in Neosho
Backyard Landscaping in Joplin Missouri
Backyard Landscaping in Neosho
Professionally Maintained Lawn in Neosho Missouri

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